Iím with KML. That makes no sense. How can you even owe $5,000 in the first place? With a dependent, you should be getting some money back every year, not owing. I would double check that. Also...if this is accurate, maybe you can work out some kind of payment plan instead of having to pay it all back at once? Or go to one of those places that helps negotiate lower amounts. Not sure about the US but in Canada there are companies that will help people consolidate their debts so the payments are manageable and will approach the government to have the money owed reduced (consumer proposal or something like that?). Iíve never done it but I used to hear the advertisements for it. You could also get a small loan. Not ideal but you would pay less interest on a loan than the government would charge you in interest. Iím assuming this $5,000 includes two years worth of interest which is probably why the amount is so high. That really sux Ginger. I am so sorry this is happening to you. For what it is worth, I totally believe that good things happen to good people and you are a good person so your time is coming. Just hang in there. As KML said... there is a light at the end of the tunnel. (((HUGS)))

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