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The pregnant part doesn't help. Does she have any other support system, family, etc.?

Honestly, she sounds like a total head case and not someone I would want living in my house either. But, she's pregnant with your kid. And (this might sound harsh and others might disagree) but that's on you. And tbh... I do think kicking your pregnant GF onto the street is not exactly the right thing to do.

Reality is when she has your child, you'll have to be paying child support if you guys are separated, and you'll have to figure out how to co-parent with her even if she is a little nutso. I might do the math on what child support is going to be and maybe you can start paying it now so she can find a place to live that isn't with you.

Sorry I can't be a cheerleader on this. You're in a really tough situation.

If Wolf decides he doesn't want to live with her, does it matter if he owns or rents the place? If he rents it, is it possible for him to terminate the lease and they both move out; then he gets another place without her? Meaning, his obligation to "evict" her ends when the lease is up or the house is sold? Because that is what I would do. I would not trust that she wouldn't, at this stage, be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Wolf, you're not certain about marriage and you don't want to live with her, but you are open to exploring your relationship. Find the easiest way to get her out of your place and then, living apart, start to figure out things. And, like Steve85 and I have been messaging about, try to avoid falling into the trap that because you have good sex, you must be in love. A woman's sex drive is always strongest when she wants a man, or wants a child with a man. A woman's sex drive usually (not always) wanes after having children. Male LBS are always susceptible to this trap.