This has been a mentally challenging week in a few ways. I think that guy did recognize me. And he looks so godawful. Yellow. Big belly with ascites. Hes not the very handsome guy I went on a date with . Hes in completely denial. And he hasnt had one visitor . Very very sad.

D13 is reverting again. Trying to keep a 13 year old on top of her game is very exhausting. Especially alone. Caregiving is very exhausting when no one cares for you or has in a long long time. I feel at wits end. Having zero support is one of the hardest things. But what can I do??

Last minute yesterday a coworker whos mom is in the hospital needed coverage this weekend so I volunteered. I had the weekend to myself, no work at all, but I have no life, and no one to spend my time with so I figured I could help her out. She was so thankful she cried. I get Monday and Tuesday off, so thats a plus.

On the plus side, I was able to help 2 nice patients a d their families and they both thanked me very much for compassion and they took my name down do they can say positive things about me on the survey. I thought that was nice.

And a coworker who only works weekends whom I love worked today. And she is pregnant! Shes 28 and such a beautiful soul. And so emotionally intelligent. She is not married to the guy, he was her boyfriend in college and he moved to San Diego for grad school and they broke up, and they have been dating for the past year since they got back. He treats her like gold. Shes going to be such an amazing mommy. She said if and when she does get married, Im invited. Yay!

Some days I am envious of others. But mostly, feel such a happiness for those who have all the love and Im so happy when wonderful things happen to them. Good people deserve good things