R2C I understand why you are recommending this.
A big turn of events yesterday. She said she wanted to speak to me. I thought here we go again. But she did a complete 180. She apologized for everything. The way she has been behaving, how she has treated me and even about putting pressure on me to get engaged. She agreed that we need to have a solid foundation before we could move forward. I have never seen this side of her. She finally put her pride to the side and realized what she has done. I am no angel in all of this either. She even recognized that I am the one who usually goes to her to make things right. And that she wants to go into counseling. She really wants to work on everything she said. The biggest reason she explained is because she is pregnant and doesnít want the baby to grow up in a broken family. That she is willing to put the work in to make it work. I was so happy to hear all of this, I feel like the pressure is off the get engaged, that she is willing to hear my opinion on things, I am going to work hard on what she wants me to work on. I honestly donít want to have 2 baby mamas. I am definitely willing to give it a shot. I apologize that it wasnít more detailed but I hope everyone got the gist of what happened. From the outside is this a good thing or is it a ploy? Anyone else experience this. Obviously right now itís just words, letís see if her actions follow. I will certainly work on mine.

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
Moved in: 9/18/18
Moved out: 4/22/19
D papers signed 11/4/19
D final 3/18/20