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Long story short, my cultures came back with some MRSA and another kind serious bacteria... sounded like they expected me to be In septic shock or something and we’re relieved to find out I was fine, since they dropped the ball, which they tried to hide from me. Guess the universe was on my side.

OMG welcome to today’s healthcare. Way, way overpriced and often so under-delivered. So you or your insurance or someone paid for just what? What good is ordering and paying for diagnostic testing if the results are never utilized? And stories like these are so so so common. Like a friend who had a central line placed, only the anesthesiologist or someone left the guide wire and part of the sheath in his arm!!! For several years!!!! He had multiple CT scans that dictated in the narrative there appears to be a foreign body in his arm. Finally after repeated complaints it was figured out. His court trial is scheduled to start next week unless there is a last minute settlement.

Yeah, it’s also on the patient to call back and say “how did my blood tests and cultures turn out?” And no you didn’t do that but what the ever lovin F. It has gotten so anyone going through our broken healthcare system needs a knowledgeable advocate along side of them at all times. In fact I think that would be a great business. No, insurance probably wouldn’t cover it, then again it might be able to be demonstrated that they save money on all the missed items. I know there are people out there would gladly hire a knowledgeable person to walk them through it and check up on things just like they hire a financial planner or other types of consultants.

Good thing it cleared. You knew in your gut that this was more than just poison ivy yet how many license practitioners tried to convince you otherwise? And then the one that was smart enough to know it was more than poison ivy never followed up. Yet we are constantly told to trust the science and trust the experts with Covid! AS IF!!!!!!!!!!

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