So some interesting rid bits in my life.

I got a call from the dermatology office. Long story short, my cultures came back with some MRSA and another kind serious bacteria. They asked me how I was feeling before telling me and was surprised when I said I was fine. Why basically forgot to report the cultures to me which they should have done over a month ago. Luckily the bleach baths seem to do the trick, but they are going to treat me intranasally for any colonization of MRSA. They sounded like they expected me to be In septic shock or something and were relieved to find out I was fine, since they dropped the ball, which they tried to hide from me. Guess the universe was on my side.

Then I always check whos in ER so I know what admissions Im coming into on my floor..... and there he is again. That guy I went on a date with a year ago and talked to for 2 months who said he thinks I would make a great partner but he needs to focus on his kids more like he needed to focus on his drinking. Hes back with liver failure and is being admitted to my unit. He will be there when I get in tomorrow. My coworker of course offered to take him for him. Conflict of interest. But Im sure Ill see him. He probably wont remember me though, since he went through his drunken psychotic withdrawal stint in January. Very sad. He has 3 kids 12-16.

I realize I really do want to date again. I might be ready. We hve a doctor who I have had my eye on. I never knew if he was single, but hes cute. And I never mentioned it to anyone. Today my coworker said hey gineen, Dr so and so is single! I may not be where I want to be physically , I may be struggling, but I really would love some companionship and I still have some love in my tank to give. Would love to spend some time with a member of the opposite sex I click with. I havent truly clicked with anyone since M.

And in a good note. My daughter wants to try for this special high school academy. Its hard to get in. But shes really interested in the animal sciences program. Her grades are good enough. But she has to really apply herself. She does the minimum and does well, but she has to really work. The downside is its kind of far so she would have to be up early and she could only stay at her dads house Friday night and saturday night .
But if she wants it, I support her. She is also running the town 5k this Saturday and is going back to school tomorrow on a hybrid schedule.

Im hanging in there. Went to the gym last night and it felt good. I have not had a drink I 10 days! I will be having one or 2 next Tuesday at a retirement party. But I totally cut out any drinking that isnt social . Im proud of myself .