I do think that while the WAS / LBS stories all seem to unfold in seemingly predictable and consistent fashions, that there nuances to each of them. Undoubtedly many of them involve the existence of "soul-mates".

There was a hilarious series of youtube videos called SoulMate Schmoopies that you may have seen. Sadly the account they were under has become inactive and they are no longer available. Which is sad because I know for a fact that many LBS including myself found a lot of humour in them.

Personally I don't believe in the existence of a soul-mate nor that we are fore-destined for a particular partner. That's one of the reasons I think that I was content in my marriage despite the flaws that it had. I felt that you worked with what you had and were grateful for it.

The soulmate as a stalker is certainly a thing though. S has that pseudonym because she was originally referred to as "stalker lady". Going to muse about this on my own thread I think. I honestly don't know if my ex-wife thought that OM was her own soul-mate. She absolutely was a romantic and she chased after him with great vigour. I recall in my snooping days coming across some memes that she shared to her phone about how it was so wonderful to find someone who made her feel so good. I expect that after I found out about the affair that the predator became the prey as she then chased after him. They're together now, not sure how happy they are but that's not my issue. I just send the cheque every month.

As the movie perhaps explores, I think that they key problem is the creation of discontent and a yearning for a perfection that - at least in my own opinion - is unobtainable.

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