Thanks Bttrfly.

Thanksgiving is not turning out the way I would have hoped. Realized this morning that I wasnít supposed to thaw my pre-stuffed turkey so had to throw it out. Pretty sure I thawed the last one I had so apparently we are lucky we didnít all get food poisoning from it.

And as if that wasnít bad enough... S12 is sick. Started with a slight sore throat on Friday, a fever on Saturday and this morning an incessant cough. So...called the CV19 hotline and he has to be tested while everyone else has to self isolate. So no going to work or school or anywhere until we have his test results. The first opening for a test is on Tuesday morning which means we likely wonít know the results until Thursday. They arenít scheduled to go back to their dadís until Friday so hopefully the test will be negative and heíll be able to take them. Of course now Iím feeling ďoffĒ. Hoping it is just the power of suggestion and Iím not actually getting sick.

Anyway... Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. Hope yours turns out better than mine. smile

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