I believe the statistics on 2 parent households are skewed.

Kids are most likely in the best situation in a 2 parent loving stable household.

But kids are not better off in a 2 parent household
Where there is loads of disrespect and no love, infidelity, and contempt for the other.

Kids in a divorced households where both parents canít co parent effectively there is hostility, using the kids as pawns, etc, thatís the worst situation .

Kids will fare better in a divorced household where two parents get along, are civil, and each household there is love and contentment.

My daughter hasnít known any other way. Her dad dad dropped the bomb when she was 6 months old and was out of the house that day.
Sheís doing great, except for being a snarky 13 year old girl. Her parents get along, she never has to feel uncomfortable, she wants for nothing. She has lots of people who love her. She is extremely emotionally intelligent. Sheís a nearly straight a student , has friends in the good crowd and is a happy kid, except for mopey teenage hormone stuff.

If crying when your cat got put to sleep killed her attraction, there is something wrong with her, not you.

Your post was about what should you fix that your W didnít like about you. What the heck?!!

If anything killed attraction, itís your insecurity, trying to become something that someone else wants, instead of being the man YOU want to be and having a sense of confidence. Which you can without cockiness . Which you can have at the same time you cry over something sad.

Trying to become someone that someone else wants you to be and constant victim mentality is what is not attractive .

Become the man YOI want to be and wear it well. Because if it isnít genuine, itís not a good look

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