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harvey, I would qualify you as the exception, not the rule, though. Most people need time to recover, heal, improve and get themselves ready to move forward with someone else. I think very few people do that that and that is why the divorce stats look like this:

- 1st marriages ending in D: 40-50%
- 2nd marriages ending in D: 60-70%
- 3rd marriages ending in D: 70-80%

Most people do not want to be alone so they jump at the next thing that comes along. But those numbers above are sobering numbers. The best way to trend towards the % that stays married is to put in the work necessary to heal and improve. Learn and grow. Rather than just want sex and to have that itch scratched. I feel sex is a big reason people jump to marriage #2...AND THEN #3......and so on.

Steve, those are very sobering statistics. I wanted the probability of my first marriage ending to be 0%, and I feel the same way about, someday in the future, my second. I'd rather stay single than go through the pain of failure again.

At the very least, rest assured that I understand the fundamental weakness of men in general, that they mistake intense sex for love, not realizing that the intense sex always diminishes, leaving them with nothing but an empty relationship.

Amazingly well said tom! I will be adding your last sentence to R2C's quotes thread! Hear hear!

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