I only got 2 hours of sleep because I just lay in bed wide awake all night. He is at work and planning to come here after. Has been furiously messaging OW all morning. She said he could come back to live there til he finds a place. He told her to F off. Apparently she owes him money so that's great. He said the apartment she lives in is disgusting-food and bugs everywhere, clothes on the floor. All while caring for her 3 kids. He was the one trying to keep things clean. She didn't cook. This is weird because I am the complete opposite of her it seems.

We haven't talked at length yet but I assume that will happen in the coming days. If I even consider taking him back, I do know that he would have to
1. Get tested for STDs
2. Agree to IC and MC
3. Go NC once she pays him (it's around $1000 I believe so not something we can just let go)
4. Work his a$s off to show me he wants me. I still need to decide what that would look like and what to do in the meantime. Do I shove him out the door and just let him find a friend to crash with? Let him sleep on the couch here? Not sure yet. I plan to pull out the DR book again today and reread the later chapters.

DejaVu, that was one of our main issues-he made no time for me. He is a very extroverted person and I am an introvert. He hung out with friends daily and every night after the kids were in bed. It was frustrating and exhausting trying to convince him to prioritize me, so I eventually gave up. I don't think the dating thing sounds dumb at all-I think that would be necessary in our situation also.

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