Thanks Sage i needed that push. He was being all depressed and kept sadly asking to sleep in the bed with me tonight and i was close to giving in. Ended up telling him he made choices and needs to deal with them.

She sent him a message tonight and told him he needed to leave. That she wasnt putting her kids first and neither was he. Then she pulled up with another guy as H was leaving.

Old me would have gloated openly. Said mean things. New me listened carefully and weighed my words before I spoke. I am really proud of myself.

He said he has been thinking of coming home for a couple of weeks now. That he has been staying away more out of stubbornness than anything. His query of me.this morning was in fact real. Of course he says it is over and he won't be going back but I won't believe that. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings when we can both think more clearly (its 130 am here). I plan to go mostly NC and be short on words when we do speak so i can fully grasp the situation. While i am inclined to believe his words are all lies, I have noticed him softening a good deal lately. Not sure what to think right now.

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