Mummin dating is not going to solve anything. Take it from me. Donít get me wrong it feels great at first, but itís a false feeling. Because all you are doing is filling the holes in your broken life. You will make bad decisions because you are broken. Trust me I didnít think I was, and that I was ready to date. When I started to date my GF I ignored the warning signs. Why? Because I was afraid to be alone, afraid that how couldnít I find another partner right away. Our egos took a huge hit with D give it time to heal. I am speaking from experience, I put myself in a huge hole and someone else because I wasnít ready. Mummin talk to me about your true feelings and I will help because I know what you are feeling.
Oh by the way I like the idea of cooking together. I will try that with my son.

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
Moved in: 9/18/18
Moved out: 4/22/19
D papers signed 11/4/19
D final 3/18/20