To be honest Rachel he is all over the place and driven by his emotions.

I dont know whats right but i have taken this approach, he wants to divorce, thats fine, file and pay for it. You want to sell the house, great get it valued and lets put it on the market. It doesnt mean that im doing nothing in terms of making sure in financially secure and knowing what i can afford in terms of buying a house of buying a house of my own, but he needs to go and do what he wants to. He suggested that we sit down together and look at properties, he said that we can do divorce papers together. Not happening for me, this isnt amicable, i do not want a divorce, so if he need to go and do it. Needless to say its been over 6 months....which is typical apparently with WAS.
I have heard the bit about terrible mother and how i suppress the kids and how happy they are when they are with him...and then i had txt messages telling me what a brilliant mum i am.
Rachel you need to do and you are doing what Is best for kids and you and that is keeping it together and being their stability.
Money is tricky, but we have separated our accounts, And agreed on an amount H gives me a every months.
This way i dont have to see his spending, its no longer my problem. If you have any savings i would speak to L about this, as you wouldnt want to find that he has spent it all.