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Storage units are the dumbest things ever, you never have enough things of value in them to make sense of the cost, but when CMM first moved in with me there wasn't enough room in my garage for his excess stuff and frankly, I wanted him to keep his kitchenware etc until I was sure I wasn't going to boot him back out .
LOL - I can certainly sing harmony to that song. It's amazing how much the charge is for storage units. I've looked into them from time to time. They cost roughly the same per month as one of those tarp covered sheds do to buy. You do get a fairly secure dry area assuming the roof doesn't leak.

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I've also ordered a device that will help me with a BIG organizing project I want to tackle before Xmas.
One of the things that I'm glad that I did was to make digital copies of all the pictures around the house before my ex left. The idea that you need to have a gadget with spinny things to review media is so very last millennia. It also allowed me to give the kids copies too. My ex had access to the cloud storage where they were stored but I think never made a copy before I shut that down.

I don't know about you, but other than a couple of times including right in the worst of in-house separation, I never went through the old photo albums but I do occasionally browse through the digital files. One of the things that I also did that you may want to consider is that since I don't trust backups nor "the cloud", whenever I would go and visit my daughter I would take her copies of all my digital files including things like my financial documents and she would store it on her computer and backups. That way if something were to happen to me / the house / the computers there is a backup.

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