Quiet weekend, CMM started his radiation treatments to his arm on Thursday, he'll have to weeks of radiation then start back on chemo. I have to keep telling him not to lift stuff or put too much pressure on that arm, as it could easily break with that tumor there and that would be a mess to fix.

I did a bunch of filing and sorting through papers on Sunday and although that's not very exciting, it does feel good to have everything in its place and two bags of trash out of the bedroom! It was too hot out to do much else. I shopped at Costco and am incrementally trying to get more organizing done at home - some things that have just been let go a bit since CMM had all those medical emergencies this spring, and some things that just need a deep redo. (My closet for one - I'm rethinking storing my drum kits in there, I'm not practicing in there for a variety of reasons, I'm thinking of just letting the front living room be a music studio instead as it would likely get more use. ) I've been watching a too few many reorganizing shows lately, I'm getting motivated!

I'm trying to get the last stuff out of the storage unit (which was CMM's but ended up with a couple of my things too that really need to be given away). It was too hot to go out there last weekend but next weekend is suposed to be cooler, then we can get it emptied out and be done with it. (Storage units are the dumbest things ever, you never have enough things of value in them to make sense of the cost, but when CMM first moved in with me there wasn't enough room in my garage for his excess stuff and frankly, I wanted him to keep his kitchenware etc until I was sure I wasn't going to boot him back out .) I've made some more room in the garage and he's committed to reducing his stuff to fit in that space although he has a hard time letting go of some things. (Old VHS tapes, a box of National Geographics that he somehow thinks can find a better home than Goodwill)

I've also ordered a device that will help me with a BIG organizing project I want to tackle before Xmas. I have a large number of home movies from when the kids were little that are on VHS tapes and need to be transferred to digital format. So many that it would be REALLY expensive to take them to Costco or somewhere to be transferred, but if I'm willing to put in the time, I can do it myself with a little device from Amazon and save probably over a thousand dollars. (This assumes it will work with my computer - according to the reviews, sometimes it works with Windows 10 no problem, and sometimes it won't - worst case scenario, if it won't work with any of the several Windows computers I have access to, my son can do it with his Apple laptop). I want to give the digitized versions to the kids for Xmas (I think the happy memories within will be good for them too) and will even give them a copy to give to their father for Xmas (from "them:" not me!).It will be many hours of "work" but it's something that can just run in the background while I'm doing other things, and it needs to be done. I can also engage the kids in working on it although I need to make sure they still remember how to work with VHS tapes in the VCR without messing them up!