Thank you Gigi smile That means a lot.

I have a question for those of you veterans. The kids and I have not heard from H since Thursday when he sent suicide notes and I hung up on him, telling him to go enjoy his time with OW rather than crying to me. He was supposed to watch the kids this morning so I could go to work and he didn't show.

He has spent a ridiculous amount of money in the last few days. We did speak of it a few days ago and he said he was contributing to OW's household because he is not paying rent. He said he wouldn't be making large purchases like that often. Since then he has spent at least $100-150 more. Since I already broached this subject a few days ago, do I bother mentioning it again since he keeps spending ($1000 on gas stations and groceries in less than a week)? it seems my words won't mean a thing, so im thinking I should just keep my mouth shut. It is really frustrating that he knows money is tight and he continues to blow it.

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