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Realizing more and more how much I will miss my kids on the "off"-weeks.
Damn you W for forcing this!

Turn it on its head.. Maxamise the enjoyment you have on the "on week".. Show them you are the best dad in the world - Don't make the mistake so many parents make - So many times i visit places with my kids, to see the dads ( mums are worse actually ) just "there", but not really there - they are on the phone or just sat on a bench , with zero interaction with the children - yet they feel they are being a great dad / ticking a box by taking the kids to the park etc..Thats not good parenting.. Give the children 100% of your time on the on-weeks... they will love it and appriciate it.. Then you will sleep soundly knowing they are 100% happy on the 50% of the time they see you.. Its making the best of a bad situation.

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