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I think I found your next 180. Stop thinking of women as wares to sample.

This is not an indictment of casual dating. But talking about women as if they were property? Eww.
Sorry, Rose, it was just colorful language. I didn't mean it any more than if I had said I was smelling different flowers looking for a good scent or going to a different restaurant each day during restaurant week. I will feel no compunction about casually dating a lot of different women when the time is right.

I am a consummate gentleman and never mistreated women nor gave away my heart easily nor was the type to juggle multiple bed partners at a time. Somewhere else in this thread I did say that the dating world for 55-65 year olds is very scary, and believe me I will not settle down quickly. The baggage that both the men and women carry is considerable.

But thanks anyway for keeping me honest.

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