Hey Rachel, i think you are doing pretty good actually.

Evenings will get better i promise, life will get better. You seem to be moving forward with your own plans which is important. House, more work, making sure that kids have a roof over their head, all important stuff.

There is an odd evening where i feel sorry for myself, all the other time i dont feel guilty for watching netflix or listening to a podcast and doing nothing at all around the house. On friday boys and i were all so tired after a busy week we
Literally spent the whole evening on the sofa watching a movie. I think its ok to do whatever it feels like you need to do. There are evenings where i feel motivated and ill make sure all the housework is done and the house is sparkling clean.
Its also important to remember that self care is essential, what makes you feel good? Having a hot bath? Face mask, doing your nails? Whatever it is you need to take time to do it.

I think you are doing amazing!