Well Rachel, well done on the boundary! It felt so good for me to tell my h not to come and sleep at the house.

Nothing goid will come of it NOW. Maybe maybe months down the line if he chnages, if he goes through everything he needs to to be a better person then you will decide later on if that's what you would like.

Hes is basically saying that he will come back to make your life a misery, im assuming live at home and still see the OW!
No chance, you are just starting to fe steady Rachel, gaining stability and starting your journey of detachment.

I think its important to try and keep as much peace as possible for the kids, they do t need to see his crazy behaviour.
But setting the boundaries that protect you is essential.

Re taking his own life-obv i dont know how true this is, but i have jeard this from my H and i will never know what happened or didnt happen but it was very dramatic.

Stay strong