I suspect his OCPD and her drinking/possible personality issues as well contributed. She seems to have been happy to be a stay at home mom but let him do a lot of the work. (Maybe that was the alcohol, maybe it was her personality). He's a difficult person because of his OCPD and maybe that's why she drank, who knows? He used to take the girls on a summer vacation to Hawaii every year and after the first year, she stayed home - was that because she didn't want to spend that much time with her husband, or needed the break from being mom, or couldn't hide her drinking on vacation? I don't know but it seems weird. Apparently his friends did try to talk him out of marrying her. They saw something he didn't.

He held onto a grudge about some statement she made when their first daughter was born, maybe he poisoned the relationship from then on? (Something about her being upset or insulted when people asked questions about her black baby - well, sure, my white friend with a black husband used to get mad at people assuming she was babysitting or had adopted her boys - but it wasn't any kind of knock on her husband, she just wanted to be recognized as their parent too. It's possible CMM took something innocent like that the wrong way and held onto it to the detriment of his marriage. )

He to his credit tried to hold the marriage and the family home together until the youngest graduated high school. His wife might have been drunk or abusive, or she just might have been fed up with him and his OCPD (Although he did admit she would drink a whole bottle of wine during the day. He seemed more upset that she drank CHEAP wine than that she was day drinking! He's a wine aficionado and about had a conniption the other day when my son and I drank a bottle of Beaujolais that was past its prime lol).

Anyway - water under the bridge and not my circus or my monkeys - I'm sure there was fault on both sides, and no evidence of cheating on either side.