CMM starts his radiation therapy for the metastasis in his humerus today. There's significant concern that he could fracture that arm (which will be weak at the point where the tumor is), and because of the tumor, it would not likely heal and could require surgery with rods etc. So no heavy lifting etc for him.

After he finishes radiation therapy he will go right back onto chemo. Hoping that it will still work for him and the cancer has not become resistant.

His lung cancer has a KRAS mutation but unfortunately I found it's not the specific KRAS mutation that is the target of a new medication in clinical trials, so that's not an option.

This might be the start of a downward slide but you never know - I thought the same thing in January and instead he had a good response. I do need to get him to start writing some letters or making some videos for his daughters, though. Even though they're not in touch, I would like to be able to give them something after he dies if they are open to it, it might at least give them some closure.