Got a cancelled meeting so will do a short update.
Thanks to everyone for your replies!

First meeting with L went fine. The drafted contract is ready and I handed a print out copy to W yesterday.
I am a bit nervous because they decided to show W exactly what she will be loosing in the agreement.
ITs not a huge sum but will likely make it harder for her to agree.
W brought up an addition she would like to add which is basically, IF I sell the hosue within 2-3 years and make a huge profit she gets half of the profit. I agreed to something along those lines a while back but had sort fo forgot about it.
I intend to live there for at elas te few years but I am reluctant to basically make it binding, legally.
I will agree but try to limit it to 2 years.

After the meeting we continued to talk about smaller assets and I noticed she was silent.
AGAIN she was close to crying and said its really rough on her, I validated and we talked some more.
AMong other things she said:
"I have never felt as good/happy as when we lived in the house together."
"Its really rough to not have a direction in life."
Waywardness sure isnt logic...

She said I have become deeper/wider as a person. In a good way.
I jokingly said I ahve also become wider physically. She laughed and agreed.

This process is so strange as we will be living together for a few more months/weeks.
She is finally looking at apartments!

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