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The hardest 180 - Probably being more assertive. Still a work in progress.

Yes, I can imagine this is hard. Very hard. Especially for this nice guy, e.g., me!

Problem is, with me, my STBXW thought I was too dominant, too male, too dismissive of her thoughts. Yet, I am the ultimate nice guy! To this day, I think she made a huge mistake, thinking the grass will be greener. She will find that most men -- while they might be ultimate gentlemen -- will still, in the end, be more dominant than I ever was.

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Initial 180s cleaned up my appearance and items on her "complaint list".

Sounds like she wanted a GQ-type man who was more dominant. Interesting. There is an old saying that while women may claim they want a nice guy, they really want a bad boy. I don't mean to make things trite, but is this the situation here?