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Such a mind F. I was dumb last night and told her during a chat we had about splitting furniture, (not an R chat) that I'm asking for a little bit more because I have to deal with the betrayal for the rest of my life.

C'mon Core...

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She told me she didnt want any of this either and that I betrayed her worse than she did to me. I dont understand how thats possible. What did I do that was so bad? I know no one here has the answer. I've reflected on everything for over a year and see no big betrayal. Some arguments but never yelling on my end, nor name calling. I think the worst I did was tell her not to come home one time in the heat of the moment.

You are assuming that her brain/thought/emotions work the same way that yours do.

Core, it is ALL about the narrative.

She has her version of reality, her narrative. It doesn't have to make sense to anybody except her. Just like your version.
Just like mine.