I don't know, but after reading your last few posts, it just felt like a hug was in order. While I don't negate the validity and seriousness of the sexual predation issue online that both kml and Andrew raised, I can't help but wonder if all of this is just a case of extreme teenager-it is, mixed in with the weird uncertainty of all things Covid.

You are an awesome mom. Little G's dad is her dad. He may not be the best dad in the world, but he loves her and hopefully she knows that. I think that her stepmom loves her too, based on things you say. Our oldest daughter went through a rough, rebellious patch and she went from being the sweet, quiet, down to earth kid she always was to rebelling against her mother because her mother put her in the spot of parenting her 2 younger sisters 99% of the time. Oldest daughter started acting out, talking to older boys, even tried running off with one. Fortunately, XH was smart enough to intervene and I stayed out of it mostly, since we weren't even married yet. But, as OD worked through her demons, with the help of trusted family advisors and her dad, she came back to herself and kind of settled back into a "normal" routine. It was a rough 6 months or so, but she got past it. Our other 2 daughters had similar short spans of rebellion but pretty much went back to normal once they worked through their stuff. Get her counseling, keep talking to her, whatever you have to do to help her work through whatever is going on in her head. I can't tell you how many tear-filled conversations I had with my girls, crying over the fact that their mother chose a man over them, which was exacerbating their underlying drama. She just needs to know that someone is listening to her and validating her and she'll find her stride again.

In my own experience, there were times when I really wanted to throw my hands up, but I hung in there with them and we all got back on track. I think being a teenager is just a hard thing and harder for some than others. It most certainly can't be any easier with all of the current situations in our world.

Hang in there, G. Seriously, you are amazing. Little G is a good kid and she's growing up. There is bound to be some drama, head-butting, and other miscellaneous power struggles as she tries to figure out her own way in life. I think kml or someone else said it before in a post, but you will be amazed when little G gets to about 20-ish and you all of a sudden become the wise woman in her life once again. It happens EVERY TIME. You got this, girl! wink

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