In this time of Covid I donít feel like any of us can make that assumption. Longevity runs on both sides of my family but lasting effects from a Covid infection could change that.

Also, here in the States, the financial outlook for my kids is different than for yours (my kids, for instance, could never afford rent on a factory job like your son does). My middle son, who has a social work degree and is independently employed, will soon have to buy an individual health insurance policy that will likely cost about $1200 a month (lesser coverage is not an option because he has multiple serious health issues). My Aspie son and my youngest suffer from crippling anxiety. Not all of this is attributable to the divorce, but all of it was significantly worsened by the divorce and my exís behavior since.

Given that my kids do not have the advantages of good physical and mental health that got me where I am, I want to do what I can to make sure they donít fall on hard times once Iím gone. Iím not talking about wealth, just a home and not worrying about putting food on the table, and being able to retire in their old age.

I donít come from a family where anybody inherits anything (although my mom with her sudden death, god bless her, left about $25 k to each of her kids - money that was planned to pay for the rest of her life). If my ex and I were still together we would probably be helping the kids to buy their own homes.

I guess safety and stability is what Iíd like for my kids. Itís not all within my power but Iíd like to do what I can. Fortunately I enjoy my work and Iím in pretty good health so this doesnít feel like a hardship. Iím also good with money so if I can work a few more years and pay off my house, Iíd be able to live on less than my retirement income would allow, and increase my nest egg (and their inheritance). Iím not talking about suffering - my budget would still include travel! But Iím good at controlling the little meaningless expenses that add up.