I have a few minutes for a real update as Iím waiting in the ortho office.

Sunday my ex and I had an exchange and he and everyone basically is noticing her behavior. It just had to be addressed. My ex was actually reasonably, validating and nice with me about it and he told me he understands km the one who mostly deals with it.

I got home from work Sunday night and D and I had a talk. And it went awful at first. She was crying and hyperventilating and shaking. She canít handle anything negative being said about her. And trust me, I took the right approach to it, I made sure, because I know how sensitive she is. Well, after I thought we might have to both get a psych evaluation , everything calmed down and it went really well. And for at least the pst day and a half I have been seeing my old D13 and sheís reclaimed her manners, is more helpful, laughing, talking, ect.

While she didnít say anything was bothering her, she did mention some stuff like how she doesnít see her stepmother as a parent and sheís just another person in her life. I told her either way she is an adult, you live you under her roof, she does love you , and you have to respect her. She did mention her dad can still be kind of mean and never talks to her the way I have had this conversation with her. Interesting enough she says she thinks he has no feelings because sheís never seen him cry. And I explained that men are raised to hide their feelings sadly enough and that crying isnít ďmanlyĒ but I assured her thatís not the case.

I am going to get her a therapist, although I called a group in town under her insurance and every last therapist is totally booked. Apparently that business is booming. But I will find one. But she seems so much lighter, sweeter, not so b!tchy since we had that talk. The attitude is gone, we laugh together, we lay together in her bed and talk about school. Iím off today and when I left the house for an appt, she got up from her class and gave me a kiss and a hug goodbye.

Iím hoping this continues and I hope to keep everything back on track.