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If shes home alone, what do you have in place to make sure shes not getting into trouble?
My daughter did some pretty risky things online that we had to deal with. She was not happy at all when Dad found out the explicit conversations she was having. Lots of creepy guys trying to get her on webcam and one even called the house. For some reason she didn't think that Dad would be able to easily find the log files when he got concerned about the amount of late night / closed door internet activity she was doing.

I don't know if she thought it was innocent fun or not but we had quite the talk about it. After that she got a lot more careful to be sure that I couldn't track her online activities. And I like to think was more aware of the risks and took less. She turned out well but it was a challenging time for her mother and I.

It's easy for a kid to view it as innocent fun but it's not. And that was over 10 years ago. I'm sure things have gotten a lot more scary since then.

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