Sage, I will try to set an appt for that this week then.

We had a birthday party for S6 last night (was also H's birthday). First event with both families and my bff's family since this all happened. It went well until my friend made a really rude comment to my son about H not being here. There was no reason for her to involve S6 in anything. Obviously H was not happy and started going off to me (not on me) about it and I ended up having a panic attack outside for about 20 min. I NEVER do this. I pulled myself together & went back inside for presents and cake. But man. That was embarrassing and not fun. My dad also gave H a few firm pats/slaps on the face when talking to him about things, so that made things even more tense. My dad doesn't even know about OW, just knows H left.

I understand why they are upset and maybe think they are helping the situation, but honestly my dad and friend just made me really angry. Yesterday was supposed to be about my son and my H and I did a really good job focusing on that and not discussing anything else. I was proud of us. It would have gone off without a hitch if they could have just let me handle my own situation myself. *sigh* On the bright side, none of the kids noticed I was missing for a few minutes and never knew I was upset.

Now I just need to find a time to finish that good cry I started yesterday.