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I have been waiting on the legal front to see if he tries to deposit his paychecks to a different account. Or til he actually files. I really don't want to spend the money on legal help if/til it gets to that point.

Most all L's have a meet-and-greet session (usually for an hour) that they provide for free. Early on in my situation, I had a consult with a L and she provided me with so much valuable information. Neither H nor I have retained a L at this point, but I am happy I went. You can have these consults with as many L's as you want: they are like interviews. And at each one you can ask questions relevant to you situation. See it as fact-finding vs filing at this point.

I am so happy you opened up to your parents. Keeping this within is so hard on the psyche. It is amazing how many people want to support you, given the chance.