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Quick recap

H ended things in march as we went into lockdown, lived together for 2 months And i asked him to leave.
H with ow but not living together, i m pretty sure still together.

The usual was stuff and now 6 months in house going up for sale. H cant pay for house and his rental (i dont know where that is yet)

Im ok, day to day fairly detached, get an emotional day here and there (swear its hormones!) but generally getting on with life as best as possible with all the restrictions. Still affected by h occasionally, looking forward to it ending, feel very much still in limbo. Cant imagine recon once we sell the house and go our separate ways.

Hang in there. Putting the house up for sale must be brutal.

I'm able to keep my home - its lovely, but its 2000sqft of emptiness now that my son is off to college. Maybe a new house would be a new start? But, I could not imagine packing up all my stuff and hauling it anywhere.

Interesting fact - if I am able to recon with my H it will mean selling my house and moving to where he currently lives... weird huh? You see yourself wondering how recon will happen if your house is gone and I know if I recon my house will definitely have to go! Maybe that will help you see that recon and M2.0 could start in a fresh place free of bad mojo?

Well I think we both get ahead of ourselves. smile Who knows if R is in the cards for either of us.

Just know that you seem to have it so much more together than me. Strength is attractive... remember you are only in competition with yourself, not her. Focus on yourself. Be the best you for you and your kids. Keep living your life and pay no attention to him. He will notice... but the hard part is they don't say anything for the longest time. And, if and when they do it comes out as ANGER. Don't get sucked into the anger. Realize that anger comes from pain. Your spouse is really hurting... right or wrong it is how they are feeling.

6mo isn't that long. I'm approaching 7mo now. I will say that the anger is gone and that bothers me a bit because its indifference that is the opposite of love.