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[quote=Vapo]I've asked elsewhere here on DB what the men did when they did their 180s, and how they came to those realizations, and I'm not getting any answers back.

I think you asked me this, and I never got back to you.

My 180s:

1) Physical Attraction. Diet and exercise. I lost 30 pounds. I've gained 15 back, but I steadied there. I was almost too skinny at one point. Dress up more. I don't wear t-shirts (summer time) and hoodies (winter time) 90% of the time anymore. I quit chewing (more than two years now). I get more sleep.
2) Emotional Attraction. I read NMMNG. While I don't think a lot of it relates to me, some of it didn't resonate. I'm trying to be more alpha (without being a dink). My needs are not last on my list anymore. I'm not afraid to rock the boat. I'm back to my former fun self (more social). I treat my GF well, but I don't treat her like her sh|t doesn't stink.
3) Faith. I attend church more regularly. I do more bible study.
4) GAL. I volunteer more (until COVID hit). I reconnected with family and friends. I've gotten back into camping, fishing and hunting. I travel more (until COVID hit).
5) Improvements. I've worked on my procrastination. If something needs to get done, I do it. I've become handier around the house. I cook more.

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