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I started DBing right away. Lots of 180's.
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R2C, can you help me here? What do you think are the best and most insightful 180s are that you did? Which were the hardest? Which ones were you doing right away? Because somehow it seems the very definition of 180 means that it takes time, and whatever change you're doing can't be done in a weekend.

Well, I am reflecting back 10 years. All my changes did not attract my X back.

The best and most insightful 180 - Reading self help books. Challenging everything I believed.

The hardest 180 - Probably being more assertive. Still a work in progress.

Initial 180s cleaned up my appearance and items on her "complaint list".

Some 180's are easy and others might take more effort to master. 180's are all unique for each of us. Approaching a stranger and starting a conversation is natural to some and terrifying for others.

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