Yeah ten years seems like long enough for the kids to make future plans and/or ramp up their income, while still short enough that the ones who aren't living in the house can see their inheritance within a time span that's useful to them. Their share of my 401k would give each of them about 1/3 the cost of purchasing a house similar to mine, or 1/2 the cost of purchasing an apartment-type condo in my town - so if they are working and making some kind of reasonable salary, it would put home ownership within their reach, and the house equity would give them a chunk towards their own retirements. If they actually ever inherited anything from my ex they would be in very good shape but as I've said before I'll be surprised if he doesn't have the kind of trust that doesn't go to them until after his wife dies - and my kids are more likely to die before she does so that would mean they get nothing. Maybe I'm wrong and she only gets half but I doubt it.