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[quote]Another acquaintance of mine, for 15 years, knew that every September his XW was going to file a move-away request or something else that the court would not grant, but would require him to spend legal money and fight.

She won't change her behavior until her narrative changes. It may never change. Maybe she's in love with the fight. You can choose your own rules of engagement, including whether to ignore.[\quote]

The rules of engagement are some what dictated by her. She files something in court against me and I have no choice but to respond with my lawyer unless I want a summary judgement against me. I have been taken to court about every 3 months since last February. She has lost every time but the stress and anxiety it causes and the financial strain is horrendous.

Engagement by me has been ignoring attacks or accusations but answering co-parenting questions when they come up. I have never sent her an email criticizing her or attacking her just responses to direct questions as it relates to D14. Example, she said D14 was not responding to her texts about their upcoming visitation and asked me if I would get D14 to respond to her. This was a reasonable request and I replied back that I had talked with D14 and she would respond going forward. She followed up with accusations of me not being a good co-parent to which I did not respond.

1st BD December 26, 2008
PA admitted to by XW December 29, 2008

2nd BD May 23, 2019
Daughter confirms EA
Divorce Finalized July 18, 2019