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One of my colleagues passed away yesterday of COVID-19. She was completely fine one day, went home, had a slight fever that evening and got tested. Was fine with nothing but a slight fever for a week and then totally crashed. Two weeks in the ICU and it looked like she was moving in the right direction but then took a turn again for the worse. We had to tell all the staff over zoom. It would have been her 30th work anniversary next month. And then the news about RGB... I ended up in an emergency half hour session with my IC yesterday evening.

Very sorry to hear about your colleague May.

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Our plan-- she said she feels all my sessions are taken up by me talking about H, what he says, thinks, and does. (Sound familiar? I was a little embarrassed.)

Eh.. It happens. Now you see it and now you can get excited about how to take care of May.

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She wants to spend sessions going forward just talking about me. She said it was time for me to go into power saver mode, hunker down, and just worry about myself for awhile. Which is what I'm doing. Ordered takeout from a place I love last night, took a bubble bath, and got a good night's sleep. Made lists of movies I want to watch. Downloaded a bunch of escapist novels. Went for a drive. Hung out with my kids. Played with the kittens.

Yas!! Love the self care here.

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Have barely interacted with my H at all. Thinking about getting a hotel room for a few nights just to get some space from everything.

Sounds like it a nice break! I would say to pick the room that includes a jet tub and room service!

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