So this week I have done really well. Haven't reached out. Haven't snooped. H Has not called to say good night to the kids once. I have ignored a couple of his calls bc i knew they weren't for the kids.

Tonight he called and we were busy. I called back and he didn't pick up-he left a message asking if i hung up quickly on purpose... Said "i just wish you wanted me to talk to the kids." Meanwhile he hasnt given a sh*t about them all week. Then he once again brought up them coming to his new apartment with OW (i draw the line here. I'm not bringing my kids there. Period. he chose to make this as messy as possible even though he knew i was not ok with them meeting OW. This conversation ended with him saying that he is just going to show up here at my house whenever he feels like it and stay all the time to see the kids. And then he hung up on me.

My usual response would have been an angry text or a phone call back. But instead I am just letting it sit and I'm trying not to message him. Is it normal for them to be this Petty and outraged? I drew a boundary and I feel like it is a good one. My kids are already so hurt by him and I'm not going to have them be confused by going to his new house with his new girlfriend and her three children.

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