Hey my sweet friend. You are still so hard on yourself... celebrate that you are amazing...you bought a house on your own...found a good job, got your degree, working a 2nd job, raising your girl pretty much by yourself..good on you!

That's a whole lot in a short time...and you've entered the teen years... a great deal of stuff for anyone to handle. But you are doing it...

As for your father...there is this dance you seem to keep doing with him. You say you hate to take anything from him, then he offers, then you agree, then he reneges.... and on and on it goes. Cheeseless tunnels, no?

I know each time you hope that this time will be the time he will follow thru and then he doesnt and you get upset. I know the feeling...did it my whole childhood.

Here's the thing...you cant change him..you can only change your reaction to him, right? I think you should just decide that you will not accept his help unless it is critical. No expectations, no disappointment.

I know you love him and he loves you but something has to change or you will continue to feel like this.

As far as meeting someone, right now...concentrate on you. You have to feel good about you before you can share your life with anyone.

Proud of you, sweetie. Keep going.