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So that should be it for the OW. Is her number blocked? Is there full transparency and you have access to his computer and phone? If you do not I wouldn’t invest any energy into the relationship.

There's a chance he will speak with her again today. The one specific thing I told him I was dissatisfied with in their conversation is that he didn't specifically say please don't ever contact me again. He felt it was clear and she won't. I have zero trust in her judgment on this given the history here. But, I don't want to tell him what to do. This is his to handle and I will need to decide if I'm comfortable. But other than that, yes to all your questions. He confirmed last night he'll block her number (she's already blocked on WhatsApp), delete her contact info, and change back his phone password (he changed it this past week).

All that being said. None of the above means $hit, really, unless he lives it out. She could always find a way to reach him if she really wants. He could be the one to call her. He could unblock her. He could change his phone password. All things he did just a couple of weeks ago. And, I don't want to be the police and check it all the time.

I've been reading my journal from January again, to see what is different this time, if anything is different this time. There are some key things, and transparency and blocking her are two of them. So, there's that. But I still don't think I'll be interested in investing any energy into this R for awhile regardless. He's pretty sad about the conversation and while I get it I'm not the one to help him through this. I feel like we both just need some space.

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