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Things that could also be brought up but probably shouldnt:
- mention what I see as my faults in our R
- how much she hurt me
- my view on new partners in relation to kids
- etc

You are dealing with a WW.. whatever she says one day will change days later to suit her own selfish agenda.. IMO, save yourself the hassle and spend the time / energy else where. Obviosuly you need to discuss the children, but its not something i would do in person - get it in writing with an email - that way, you have a paper trail, for when she changes her mind.

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For how long she will stay here is probably something I should focus on more.
What am I ok with? How do I draw the line?

To my knowledge she STILL hasn't talked to her bank and hence probably hasnt actively looked at buying anything.
Rentals are basically out of the question where we live, unless you are extremely lucky.

IMO she is still living in her cake eating world - She is so wrapped up in her selfish ways, ( ie lets blow money on shoes ) that these things dont cross her mind - because she probably expects you to be there to bail her out, even after the D... ie she gets her payout, then will slowly drag her heals in living with you / OM as when when it suits.. She will probably throw in, you cant kick me out because of the kids etc - ie you become the bad guy.. - Especially if she starts bringing the kids into the mix - ie Daddy kicked mummy out..

My take would be to be solid for the children, but not be pushed over by her.. Once the D and house paper work is rolling, get the solicitor to make it clear she should leave the property with X days of receiving her money.

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