I do promise you, anything I have ever posted to you is definitely not a projection of myself, but simply from what Iíve seen work and not work and the outcomes from 12 years on these boards. But I will admit, sometimes we can see what we can coming from miles away and already kind of know the outcome and really want to change the path you you. Maybe thatís kind of a projection. Again, Iím not going to come tell you what to do. Heck, Iím not even going to talk about what he is doing or not doing and what to believe or not believe. You will do what you will do. Iím not going to try to change that. Quite frankly, Iím done having that discussion with anyone on these boards.

I am going to challenge you to set you kids aside for minute. Set affair partner aside for a minute. Set aside who h is and h is not for a minute. I feel like itís always about the kids and Hís emotions and his attachment to his A partner, and him having resentment. And him, him him him and everything is according to where he is at.

What do you want out of your life and out of a relationship/M? What is acceptable and enjoyable to YOU? What do you evvision for yourself. Minus 2 parents under one roof, and no affair.

What looks healthy and acceptable and maybe even enjoyable to YOu?

Donít even have to answer that here. Just something to think about .