May, from reading your last post to Blu about the memory box episode, which you clearly see as significant and positive, coupled with all the conflict that has gone on in the last week, you have a huge amount to process. You have every right to take your time. You have your own timeline too, to process, to make decisions...or to do nothing for awhile and try and tune out all the chatter inside (and outside) your head.

Yesterday I was likening what is going on in my own head to an old computer terminal, with lines and lines of script being processed at 100 miles an hour, line after line of green code running up the screen, too much to take in, too fast to read. I imagined a screensaver in my head, something calm and hypnotic, lol!

Do something for you today May. Get outside of your own head. What can you do that is genuinely for you (as opposed to just a distraction)?

Thinking of you heaps xx

M:49 H:49
T:20 M:18
D:16 D:14

EA: Feb 2019-Apr 2020
Separated: Mar-early Aug 2020
H asked to reconcile: Jun 2020