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My situation after nearly 12 months is that I've lost most of my best friends (their wives all adore my ex), and my social life has been pretty bland due to my singleness and covid. Until I saw the WAW syndrome described by Michele I still couldn't understand anything! So finding this place I was hoping to makes some new online friends and maybe find a few kindred spirits who could patiently see me through some new understanding. That's all.

I've had very few chances to vent. Most people don't want to hear it. My ex was no doubt venting about me to a small collection of girlfriends for years. Don't I get a chance? I know, I know, grow up Tom.

I completely understand. Us old timers get into fix it mode. This is a great place to vent. Most likely, you will find other newbies here that will become your main support group.

Just know that we all arrived here in just as much shock as you. We all felt the pain. We were all confused.

Covid definitely makes going through this process more difficult. I made a whole new group of friends going through it.

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