Well my sister in Oregon had to evacuate a few days ago to our brother's house (with her 6 cats and a dog!) and my brother's dog had to go to surgery the same day after swallowing a rock that got stuck in his intestines (now my brother has to remove a whole back yard of nice river rock landscaping).

Meanwhile my niece near LA can see the fires there from her house (she's just one block away from the mandatory evacuation zone) and she might have to come down and stay with me if the wind shifts.

Little dust up with CMM this weekend over his repair skills. Honestly, he says he's done these kinds of things before - and as a long time homeowner I'm sure he has done some. but I'm not really confident in his abilities and this weekend did not make me more confident.

Background - while I'm not exactly Ms. Fixit myself, I am really good at following instructions (IKEA expert level) and I have good analytical and three dimensional skills. I also remodeled a couple of houses with my ex who grew up in a construction family (his father owned a home building company).So I have some knowledge and skills.

I have a drawer in my kitchen that needs repairing (new slides, old ones came off the back of the cabinet). It's a job that requires some precision and the temporary fix that was done before on it has failed because it was done haphazardly by previous boyfriend. I attempted to point out some things (like the need to ensure the slides were properly spaced at a right angle instead of "eyeballed" or the drawer would stick) and he gets all flustered because he's got his own way of thinking about things and I'm throwing him off by mentioning this. He's not a great communicator anyway, slow and has his own way of inflexible thinking and doesn't grasp what I'm saying well (some of this may be chemo brain). Later when I attempted to tell him something else he stopped in a snit and left the job to me and my son - which is a good thing because it turns out he WAS using the wrong screws as I'd been attempting to tell him (and it was very important to use the right flat head screws to attach tje slides to the drawer because the round heads would prevent the drawer from sliding). Now the job is unfinished because, although son and I successfully attached the slides to the drawers, there is still a problem with attachment to the back of the cupboard that I have to solve (but have a good idea how to solve it).

I'm mad because I wanted to hire someone to do this job, as I knew it was problematic and wanted someone with all the tools and skills to do it right. CMM insisted he could do it, and now here I am stuck in the middle of finishing it myself when that is precisely what I didn't want to do! What is it with guys egos that they can't stand a woman offering them (very) helpful advice on a project when she can see they are making a mistake? Grrrrrrr. (And no, I'm not some impolite harridan screeching at him, just very calmly saying thing like - "wait - we need a t-square and careful measurements because if the slides aren't perfectly square the drawer will stick" or "No - you needed the longer screws for the back of the cabinet, NOT for attaching the slide to the drawer".

Well - at least the dishwasher installation guy turned out to be a CHAMP ( it was difficult to do because the space was smaller than normal because of flooring that the previous owner installed, I though we might have to chip out some tile but he managed to get it in). Fortunately he also does side jobs and I will definitely be hiring him for some minor plumbing things (like faucet replacements).