He didnt at all really, he would take then to the park and miraculously she would he there. Maybe a month or so after db it started happening. They dont know that she is anymore than his assistant at work....

There is no threat to my kids, they always sleep at home, he takes them out for the day, and then returns them back.
It will be a bit more tricky for you as he actually has a place to stay so would depend on how much he cooperates here.

It wouldnt he wise to introduce ow this early but men do, well and women too, bit no thought really goes i to how this affects kids.

Have you received legal advice? Rachel im just conscious that we all want this to be over and this is long term and its really important to protect yourself and the kids. He wont be back in a weeks time or a months, if ever. You need to kook after you and kids and detach from what he is doing, it is his path.