Just confirmed he is in fact moving in with OW this week "as roommates." He will barely be paying any rent, if anything at all. She has 3 kids and 50 percent custody so he will officially be spending more time with someone else's kids than his own. I told him I am not okay with my kids going over there on his weekends. He can keep seeing them here at our house. I dont even know this woman and dont think it is healthy to introduce my kids to her at this point. And to be around her kids would be even more confusing for them.

He has chosen to make every step of this as difficult and messy as possible. I'm not dragging my kids into the middle of that sh*tstorm, esp if he can't even admit they are in a relationship. Maybe if H was a more responsible person, but he just is not. Half of his friends are irresponsible people who do drugs regardless of where their kids are so I just cannot trust them staying there with a random woman.

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