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I see that I expect certain outcomes by behaving a certain way.

This is the very definition of NGS! "If I am nice then I deserve X!"

Wrong. It doesn't work that way. It's great that you want to behave that way. Being nice because it is the right thing to do is awesome. But God, the universe, karma (I don't believe there is such a thing) owes you NOTHING for being nice. In fact, an unfortunate side effect of our society is that the people that do the right things are not rewarded, at least in this life. It is often the evil-doers that succeed in this world.

This doesn't advocate for being an evil-doer, quite the contrary. Success in this life is not going to translate in the next. Those they stole and cheated and behaved poorly to become billionaires in this life will not get to take that with them into the next. This is what Matthew 6:19-21 is teaching!

The danger in having the philosophy that good things come to them that do good, bad things to those that do bad is that none of us is perfect! So we are all deserving of bad things if that were true.

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