Hey May

Im into vedic astrology and just that point of view and living, it very much encourages spiritual growth. I was listening to a lecture the other day In relation to betrayal in marriage and how to act. And whilst their view is that the partner that was given to you is your partner for life and the one you need to learn to love and accept, in case of betrayal, you distance yourself, you grow, and not allow to be used or humiliated in any way. And i see so many similarities with db here! And i feel like his journey is starting now....from the moment you ask him to leave and live separately until he proves to you that he is worth it. He might never do that May, he might never learn or grow, but do you see that you are driven by fear here, fear that the notion of your marriage will be lost. You dont have to D now, but you need to have self respect and grow into a happy woman who is content and in harmony with herself.

The choice is absolutely yours and i think everyone here will support you no matter what.

P.s i see so many similarities with my H and i often wonder if he is capable of changing his lying ways